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Hunter and Coastal Region Cuboree..the circus is in town!!

18 Cubs, 2 Cub Leaders and our Group Leader attended the Region Cuboree in Morisset on the weekend of 14-16 September.  This was our major event for 2018 and all the Cubs were looking forward to a fun time.  There were 750 Cubs, Leaders, Parent helpers, Scout helpers and Venturer helpers that attended from the Hunter & Coastal region.

The theme was CIRCUS!  Over the two nights and two days, our Cubs got to do an amazing amount of activities.  These included:  the flying fox, climbing wall, hamster wheels, rope bridge, bump balls, slip’n’slide, obstacle course, sponge war, slippery pole and the dunking machine,

They made balloon animals, juggling balls, colour wheel spinners, painted pet rocks, played giant quoits and arcade games like clowns, shooting gallery and the basketball shootout.  Then there was the popular photobooth, iced biscuits and face painting. One night we even had Gang Show perform for us.

Back in camp there were opportunities to socialise with Cubs and Leaders from other groups.  All of Gosford District camped together – a total of 120 Cubs and Leaders.  Imagine cooking for that many people!  We had a great team of cooks made up of leaders and parent helpers who were kept busy feeding us, even trolleying our morning and afternoon teas to the bases we were on.

Region Cuboree was really successful and everyone had a great time.  The Cubs were very tired at the end of it – one was so tired she couldn’t even tell her parents about it until the next day!  Our next major event will be State Cuboree which is being held at Cataract Scout Camp in January 2019. We can’t wait!



ANZAC Day Woy Woy

Joeys ANZAC Day Wreath

Beautiful ANZAC Day Wreath by Joeys

As mentioned in my earlier post Broken Bay Scouts were engaged in a number of activities to mark ANZAC Day to mark our acknowledgement of those that have served and continue to serve our nation.

This year our wonderful Broken Bay Scout Group members again participated in the Woy Woy ANZAC Day March followed by a Ceremony at Woy Woy Cenotaph.

I will let the images speak for themselves. All that participated should give themselves a big pat on the back for being such a wonderful part of our community and values!


BBSG ANZAC Ceremony Woy Woy

BBSG ANZAC Ceremony Woy Woy 2


Camp Fort Scratchley

Fort Scratchley Scouts

This year the Broken Bay Scout Group were fortunate to participate in a number of activities to mark ANZAC Day and to remember those that have served and continue to serve Australia both here and overseas.

Camp Fort Scratchley, Newcastle

Setting out a little earlier three of our Scouts were able to join 49 other red cord Scouts from the Hunter District at an inaugural four day camp at Fort Scratchley sleeping under the sky in swags on the parade ground. For those of you that aren’t aware Fort Scratchley is situated on the headland of Newcastle overlooking Nobby’s Beach. Completed in 1882, Fort Scratchley was built as a coastal defence installation but is now an interactive museum with paid tours capturing the maze of underground tunnels. It was built to defend Newcastle against a possible Russian attack however the guns were only fired in anger on 8 June 1942 during the shelling of Newcastle by a Japanese submarine.

To mark ANZAC our Scouts were engaged in a number of related activities with highlights including:

  • a visit to the frigate HMAS Newcastle (thanks Joh for the picture);

HMAS Newcastle

  • witnessing the crew of the HMAS Newcastle marching from the mall to Civic Park to mark the ship’s honour;
  • observing the ANZAC Day dawn service at Nobby’s Beach from the vantage of For Scratchley;
  • participating in the Newcastle ANZAC Day march;

Scouts following ANZAC Day March

  • observing the lighting of the Eternal Flame;
  • participating in the Newcastle Memorial Walk Sunset Ceremony;
  • visiting the sea wall at Nobby’s light house;
  • the firing of the guns from Fort Scratchley and HMAS Newcastle;
  • visiting Fighter World at Williamstown; and
  • enjoying an extensive tunnel tour of Fort Scratchley.

We understand that our three Scouts represented the group proudly and feedback from the HMAS Newcastle and members of the Fort Scratchley Historical Society was very positive praising the behaviour and manners of the Scouts and Venturers that attended.

A huge thanks must be extended to the Hunter & Coastal Branch of Scouts, HMAS Newcastle for being so welcoming, members of the Fort Scratchley Historical Society for opening its doors to this wonderful experience, the sponsors of the camp, and of course our Scout leaders. Our Scouts came back with so many stories to share that it was hard to get a word in. What an amazing experience for them!

We recommend when you visit Newcastle to be sure to view the city from its best vantage point at Fort Scratchley.

Here are a few pictures to entice you…!

Fort Scratchley-No 2 Gun

Fort Scratchley-Barracks

Outside Fort Scratchley Newcastle1

Bonanza of Activities at Cubs

Bowling Fun 2

It’s been a bonanza of activities at Cubs! I’ve been a bit remiss in my blog posting of late and in the blink of an eye so much has happened that I’m hard pressed relating them all.

So perhaps it’s just best that I relate a few of them…and let the pictures do the talking!

  • Going up into Scouts for two Cubs;
  • 10 Pin Bowling Fun;
  • ANZAC Day wreath making;
  • Cub Scout Leadership course; and
  • Cub Art Camp.

Look how creative and industrious they are! Our leaders should give themselves a big pat on the back!

ANZAC Day Wreath

Cub Art Camp

Cub Leadership Course

Bowling Fun 2

Cubs take to the water at state cuboree

State Cuboree
State Cuboree

Cubs got to enjoy an array of fun-filled activities at the 2017 NSW Cuboree themed “Myths & Legends” held over 5 days early January this year.

The water slides were an obvious hit as you can see from the images!

Cuboree-7 Cuboree-6 Cuboree-5 Cuboree-4 Cuboree-3 Cuboree-2

The Cubs also got to undertake other activities which included: abseiling, gold panning, candle making, sponge tossing, flying fox, and many others.

What a great way to see in 2017 Cubs! Thank you to all the wonderful leader and parents that accompanied them.

100 Years of Cubs, 100 Years of Taronga Zoo

Cubs and Scouts Outside Taronga Zoo

Where to begin on this adventure? Such a big day and lots of excitement particularly amongst the younger members of the Group that had never previously visited Taronga Zoo.

To celebrate 100 years of Cubs and 100 Years of Taronga  Zoo, Cubs and Scouts were given the opportunity to embark on this journey by the most exciting means of travel available – train, ferry and by Sky Safari Gondola. They must almost have earned a badge for that surely?


Once at the zoo Cubs, Scouts, Leaders and Family Members got to go their separate ways and see the amazing animals that just don’t frequent our backyards.

The weather was perfect with skies so blue and water so green and the cityscape backdrop was a photographer’s dream.




Great fun on the Gondola that takes you right over some of the animal enclosures!


Cubs and Scouts re-grouped and two ceremonies were held – one by Cubs to farewell three of their members and the other by Scouts to welcome the three new additions.





On to enjoy the free flight bird show! We were blown away by all the shows we saw on the day. This one featured amazingly trained birds including doves, chickens, wedge tailed eagle, condor, galahs, black cockatoos, owls and many more flying right overhead. Even trained rats made an appearance!




Enjoying the seal show.


This seal is doing flipper stands – supporting his entire weight!

seal show

Baby chimpanzee basking in the sunshine – very cute!



Where’s a Cub Scout without a map…?


Thank you to our wonderful Cub and Scout leaders for arranging such a special outing! Time to go exhausted by that adventure.

Joeys and Cubs Halloween Fun


Last night Joeys and Cubs got in early on all the fun and celebrated Halloween.

It was a fabulous night with many games played and parents spooked by the amazing array of zombies, vampires, ghosts, witches, pirates, super heroes, grim reapers and even a doctor – let your imagination go wild as everything creepy (or good) was represented on the night!

Two resources were also presented to the Cub group present by two Sixers currently completing their Grey Wolf award. They look amazing girls and will look great hanging in the hall!

Here are a number of pictures taken on the night.

Halloween-2016-2 Halloween-2016-3 Halloween-2016-4 Halloween-2016-5 Halloween-2016-6 Halloween-2016-11 Halloween-2016-10 Halloween-2016-9 Halloween-2016-8 Halloween-2016-7 Halloween-2016-12 Halloween-2016-13 Halloween-2016-14 Halloween-2016-15 Halloween-2016-16

A lot of time was put into the event by our wonderful Joey and Cub Leaders. A big “thank you” to you all from everyone involved in the Broken Bay Scout Group. 

Kariong ‘Glyphs’ Walk and Scouts Own

Kariong Glyphs Walk

(Half the group pictured above at the end of the walk)

On Sunday, Cubs and their families, some Joeys and Venturers enjoyed a trek through the bushland in Brisbane Waters National Park near Kariong in search of the mysterious Egyptian-like hieroglyphs.

Kariong Glyphs Walk-2 Kariong Glyphs Walk-3

Armed with a map and compass, two Cub “Sixers” (with the intrepid “Kotick”) led the merry group off. All went well with no parents or belongings going astray.

A short while later we took the left fork and started to make our way along the windy track before entering the canyon like opening where the “Kariong Glyphs” awaited us.

Kariong Glyphs Walk-4

Kariong Glyphs Walk-5 Kariong Glyphs Walk-6

Duly mystified by the origin and meaning of the glyphs and with the assistance of “Kotick” and “Anthony” we then ventured like mountain goats further up to the ridge-line beyond to an impressive sized rock. We all got to enjoy and experience a “Scouts Own” with beautiful sweeping views over Brisbane Waters as a back drop (followed by morning tea).

The Scouts Own Ceremony involved Cubs taking the role of individual colours of the rainbow and as each colour was read out a bead would then be put onto a piece of elastic for every individual (including families) present.

Scouts Own 1

Scouts Own 2

Scouts Own 4

A friendship bracelet containing all the colours of the rainbow was formed and then tied to the person’s wrist seated to your right.

Scouts Own 5

We then held hands and each expressed our own individual thanks.

Those seeking further adventure completed an additional loop track before making their way back out of the park. According to Paul we covered an impressive 4.3 km!

Speaking for myself (and my Cub) I must say I had a truly enjoyable time getting to know more members and families within the group whilst enjoying our beautiful environs.

A big thanks as always to our wonderful leaders who make such experiences possible! Thank you Jacala, Akela, Kotick, Baloo, Kaa, and Possum.

A Good Deed

Mary Macs Food Drive
Mary Macs Food Drive

An important part of being a Scout (whether you’re a Joey, a Cub, a Scout, or a Venturer) is that you consider your community and how you can contribute in your own small way.

On this occasion Cubs donated pantry items to Mary Macs in Woy Woy. For those that may not know, Mary Macs provides assistance to men, women, or families that may require a meal, a shower, or a place to wash their clothes.

Today Ramiro, Neeve and Pancho delivered these items on behalf of the Cub group of Broken Bay Scouts to the wonderful volunteers of Mary Macs. A big thank you must go out to those Cubs and families who helped in this initiative.

Past deeds of Cubs have been to donate old towels that can be used by the RSPCA; or stationery, toys, clothing that can be used for Christmas parcels for Samaritans Purse; or toiletry and pantry items for Mary Macs you’ll always find a kind hearted Cub wishing to do a good turn.

So before discarding old towels, or clothing or toys that have never been used perhaps consider providing to the Broken Bay Scout Group so we can all perform a Good Deed.

Big smiles from the Broken Bay Scout Group

Tie-Dyed Wonder

Cubs Tie Dyed Shirts Group Shot

Cubs enjoyed a wonderful 70’s experience of tie-dyeing to create these wonderful tie-dyed shirts and dilly bags! I’m positive it would have brought back many tie-dying memories at school for those of the older generation as it has done for me!

For those Cubs attending future camps they can proudly wear their polo shirts as part of the Broken Bay Scout Group and know that it’s a one-off wonder!

Tie Dyed Shirt Back View

A heartfelt thank you to those parents that assisted on the night Danielle, Simone, Kirsten and Amanda and leaders Akela, Baloo, Rama, Kotick and Jacala. A big thank you also to those that helped iron all these marvellous creations!

To quote Jacala “Look how creative our awesome Cubs are!

Tie Dying Dilly Bags

Jacala also sported the best load of clothes on her washing line…it seems that summer has arrived early.

Tie Dyed Shirts Drying

With all these stunning examples from Cubs I think they’ve inspired us all perhaps partake in some tie-dying magic ourselves.

Thank you to our awesome Cub Leaders!