Tie-Dyed Wonder

Cubs enjoyed a wonderful 70’s experience of tie-dyeing to create these wonderful tie-dyed shirts and dilly bags! I’m positive it would have brought back many tie-dying memories at school for those of the older generation as it has done for me! For those Cubs attending future camps they can proudly wear their polo shirts asContinue reading “Tie-Dyed Wonder”

Gosford District Cub Billy Cart Derby – 2 November 2014

Hi Everyone More fun is planned for Cubs and their families at the Gosford District Cub Billy Cart Derby, Poms Camp, Jilliby. The fun kicks off at 10am. Cubs will be racing billy carts down a slight slope in age groups. They will be pushed by another cub. Following a sausage sizzle lunch we will beContinue reading “Gosford District Cub Billy Cart Derby – 2 November 2014”