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Camp Fire Cooking Tops off the Term

Cubs got to enjoy one of the many joys of being part of the Broken Bay Scout Group – a camp fire cooking evening!

The evening commenced with a warm parade around the camp fire, then investiture of new Cub…

Investiture of new Cub

Followed by some good old fun cooking of damper on sticks over the coals for Cubs working on their Bronze Boomerang…

Camp Fire Cooking Damper

To Cubs cooking their choice of veggie and sausage in two troughs of coals for those working towards their Silver and Gold Boomerang badge work.

Camp Fire Cooking Trough

I’m sure all Cubs would give the experience a massive thumbs up!

A big thank you to our wonderful leaders and parents!




Cubs Cooking up a Storm!

Cubs Cooking Minestrone Soup

About 24 Cubs enjoyed a wonderful couple of days cooking up a storm over the 2nd and 3rd April. The best news is parents got to sample these cooked treats too but more about that shortly..

Broken Bay Cubs were joined by 3 Cubs from the 1st Narara  Scout Group for this culinary activity.

Activities on the first day included:

  • Peeling and chopping vegetables for the Minestrone Soup (so much that two enormous pots had to be deployed);
  • Chopping cheese and cabanossi;
  • Making loads of yummy biscuits (I managed to try one of those – delicious!);
  • Making their own billy can and using it to boil water;
  • Pitching tents (perfect weather for it);
  • Preparing and cooking – dessert – Nutella Smores (I now know the meaning of smores – you want more of the smores)! Tortilla filled with nutella, marshmallows, and chocolate chips) wrapped in foil and cooked on a camp fire;
  • Preparing hamburger patties;
  • Napkin folding; and
  • Movie.

Parents were welcomed to a beautifully decorated Cub Hall to experience these delectable delights. Sampling:

  • Cheese, cabanossi and crackers (starters);
  • Minestrone Soup (entrée);
  • Hamburger with choice of salad (main);
  • Nicely rounded off by Nutella Smores (dessert) – leaving the parents replete and happy.

A big THANK YOU to Akela and Jacala (Broken Bay Scout Group) for making this all happen, Bagheera (1st Narara Scout Group) and all the parent helpers!

Cubs Cooking Billy Can  Cubs Cooking Billy Can Style Pitched TentsCubs Cooking Biscuits Cubs Cooking In The Kitchen




New Roof for our Umina Hall!

New Roof for the Cub Hall

A big Hello!

Is everyone blown away by the beauty of the new roof for our Umina Beach Joey/Cub Hall? It even comes complete with whirly birds.

I would like to deliver a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved with the new roof with a special thanks to Kotic and the roof workers Craig, Camo, Jake and Dicko who made it all happen!

Thank you Anthony for the twilight shot.

Gosford District Cub Billy Cart Derby – 2 November 2014

Billy Cart

Hi Everyone

More fun is planned for Cubs and their families at the Gosford District Cub Billy Cart Derby, Poms Camp, Jilliby.

The fun kicks off at 10am. Cubs will be racing billy carts down a slight slope in age groups. They will be pushed by another cub.

Following a sausage sizzle lunch we will be running the Gosford District bases from Cuboree. Giant water slide, water pistol laser tag, sock wrestling, sponge volley ball and our loom band base. Siblings may participate in these activities. Many thanks to Hunter & Coastal region for allowing this.

Directions: Poms Camp is on Brothers Road, Jilliby. From freeway exit at Wyong Rd, (away from Tuggerah) follow Old Maitland Rd to Alison Rd, turn right towards Wyong and then turn left into Old Maitland Rd. Turn left onto Hue Hue Road then left on to Jilliby Road. Left again onto Little Jilliby Road, Brothers Road is off this on left. A small side road/ally runs off this to Scout field on right. You will see about a half acre of cleared land and a shed, with lots of bush behind.

Broken Bay Cub Pack

Cub Scouts – 8 to 11 years

Cub Scouts have lots of fun doing a lot of interesting things! There are games to play, codes and skills to learn and new friends to meet. Cub Scouts all help each other, and try to help other people too. Each week you’ll get together with other boys and girls your age and be led into adventure! You’ll wear your own Cub Scout uniform to show you’re one of us. Plus you’ll be able to collect special badges to put on your uniform to show your achievements.

From the Start

At your first pack meeting you may feel a bit shy to begin with but it won’t take long to get to know everyone.

You’ll learn the Scout Salute, the Handshake, the Motto, the Grand Howl, Pack Calls, the Cub Scout Law and the Cub Scout Promise. The leaders will help you. You’ll soon be making friends with Cub Scouts and having a terrific time!

You’ll find there are around 24 boys and girls in your Cub Scout Pack. All of them are just like you. They all might have different interests and be good at different things, but they all want to enjoy themselves and have fun.

 Fun Out and About

We spend weekends away together camping, fishing and exploring. We go to the Fire Station, visit factories, go the zoo, go to the local museum and local Heritage sites. We learn bushcraft, and we learn how to fly model aeroplanes and make matchbox sailing boats.

Earning Badges

Cub Scouts can earn achievement badges by doing things that interest them and by learning new skills like cycling, electronics, sports, cookery, boating, writing and more. There are also special Boomerang Badges earned by doing things like tying knots, first aid, hiking in the bush and building models. There are three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold Boomerang Badges.

There’s a lot more Cubs Scouts do too. Why not come along and find out?

Fun with your Leaders

Your leader is known as ‘Akela’ (the Wolf – the one who stands alone). Akela’s other current helper is Jacala (The Crocodile).

The names are taken from the famous Rudyard Kipling story “The Jungle Book”.

For details the Cub Scout contact email is: