Hunter and Coastal Region Cuboree..the circus is in town!!

18 Cubs, 2 Cub Leaders and our Group Leader attended the Region Cuboree in Morisset on the weekend of 14-16 September.  This was our major event for 2018 and all the Cubs were looking forward to a fun time.  There were 750 Cubs, Leaders, Parent helpers, Scout helpers and Venturer helpers that attended from theContinue reading “Hunter and Coastal Region Cuboree..the circus is in town!!”

Davistown Putt Putt Regatta and Wooden Boat Festival

Several Scout Troops participated in the Regatta on Sunday, 22 October, which was a fun filled day with perfect weather. Each participating troop constructed their raft before Regatta Day. There was a morning race (10.45-11.00 am) and an afternoon race (1.30-2.00 pm). During the morning race, the Broken Bay raft team, along with all butContinue reading “Davistown Putt Putt Regatta and Wooden Boat Festival”

Well done Luke! Queen’s Scouts Award Recipient

It was truly wonderful to witness Luke’s presentation of Queen’s Scouts Award on Wednesday 2 August at the Ettalong Scout Hall. All sections of the Broken Bay Scout Group (BBSG) were invited to attend the presentation and celebration of Luke’s achievement (followed by a lovely supper) ahead of a further presentation which took place atContinue reading “Well done Luke! Queen’s Scouts Award Recipient”

Tent Assembly Blindfolded!

I must confess I never would have thought of this Scout challenge but I’m assured it’s easier than it sounds. Tent assembly blindfolded and using your feet with just one person directing you! Great to see Grandfather looking very relaxed observing this exercise. He must have plenty of faith in the Scout troop’s abilities. GoContinue reading “Tent Assembly Blindfolded!”

Joeys Out and About

One of the fabulous things about being part of the Broken Bay Scout Group is that no matter what age you are there are just so many activities you can do. As you can see from this picture everyone can share the fun! Joeys have been tremendously busy with their activities which included Joey ScoutContinue reading “Joeys Out and About”