100 Years of Cubs, 100 Years of Taronga Zoo

Cubs and Scouts Outside Taronga Zoo

Where to begin on this adventure? Such a big day and lots of excitement particularly amongst the younger members of the Group that had never previously visited Taronga Zoo.

To celebrate 100 years of Cubs and 100 Years of Taronga  Zoo, Cubs and Scouts were given the opportunity to embark on this journey by the most exciting means of travel available Рtrain, ferry and by Sky Safari Gondola. They must almost have earned a badge for that surely?


Once at the zoo Cubs, Scouts, Leaders and Family Members got to go their separate ways and see the amazing animals that just don’t frequent our backyards.

The weather was perfect with skies so blue and water so green and the cityscape backdrop was a photographer’s dream.




Great fun on the Gondola that takes you right over some of the animal enclosures!


Cubs and Scouts re-grouped and two ceremonies were held – one by Cubs to farewell three of their members and the other by Scouts to welcome the three new additions.





On to enjoy the free flight bird show! We were blown away by all the shows we saw on the day. This one featured amazingly trained birds including doves, chickens, wedge tailed eagle, condor, galahs, black cockatoos, owls and many more flying right overhead. Even trained rats made an appearance!




Enjoying the seal show.


This seal is doing flipper stands – supporting his entire weight!

seal show

Baby chimpanzee basking in the sunshine – very cute!



Where’s a Cub Scout without a map…?


Thank you to our wonderful Cub and Scout leaders for arranging such a special outing! Time to go exhausted by that adventure.


Fun at Joeys Camp

Joeys Camp 3

So what does go on at a Joeys Camp? Look very closely at these images and you’ll soon find the delights that Joeys and leaders got to experience on the weekend…obviously loads of fun, fun, fun!

For our wonderful leaders adventures can be had every day.

Joeys Camp 2

Joeys Camp 4

Joeys Camp 1