Well done Luke! Queen’s Scouts Award Recipient

Luke and Kotick Queen's Scout Award Plaque

Luke and Kotick Queen's Scout Award Plaque

It was truly wonderful to witness Luke’s presentation of Queen’s Scouts Award on Wednesday 2 August at the Ettalong Scout Hall. All sections of the Broken Bay Scout Group (BBSG) were invited to attend the presentation and celebration of Luke’s achievement (followed by a lovely supper) ahead of a further presentation which took place at Government House in Sydney.

The BBSG presentation was very entertaining. Thank you Zack for your shared insight of experiences with Luke and those that arranged the evening! The Leaders of the BBSG must also be thanked for assisting Luke attain this award.

It has been many years since another BBSG member received this award – 28 years if my maths serves me correctly! From 1989 to 2017.

In honour of Luke’s achievement another plaque was arranged (below).

Luke and Kotick Presentation New Queen's Scout Award Plaque
Luke and Kotick Presentation New Queen’s Scout Award Plaque

For those wishing to know more of what the requirements are to be a worthy recipient of the award – the awardee needs to complete the Venturing Skills Award, personal interviews, and requirements in four award areas:

  1. Adventurous Activities – demonstrates that the Venturer Scout is challenged in initiative, expeditions an outdoor adventures.
  2. Community Involvement – activities centred on citizenship, community service and caring for the environment.
  3. Leadership Development – involvement in Unit management and leadership courses and studying different vocations.
  4. Personal Growth – self development through expressions, ideals, mental pursuits and personal lifestyle.

That’s a lot of work! Well done Luke – I think your smile says it all!

Luke at Government House Queen's Scout Award
Luke at Government House Queen’s Scout Award
Luke Queen's Scout Award Government House Grounds
Luke Queen’s Scout Award Government House Grounds
Luke Ettalong Scout Hall Presentation
Presentation of Queen’s Scout Award Badge
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