Camp Fire Cooking Tops off the Term

Cubs got to enjoy one of the many joys of being part of the Broken Bay Scout Group – a camp fire cooking evening! The evening commenced with a warm parade around the camp fire, then investiture of new Cub… Followed by some good old fun cooking of damper on sticks over the coals forContinue reading “Camp Fire Cooking Tops off the Term”

Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

              Recently Rotary Woy Woy sent three Broken Bay Scouts (Ellie, Joshua, and Greta pictured below L: to R:) to the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment winter weekend in Springwood. Image source “Pinion” Woy Woy Rotary Newsletter 28/06/2016 A big thank you to Angona (Alan Ford) for nominating theContinue reading “Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment”