Scouts Night Hike

Scout Night Hike Patonga to Pearl Beach

As we all know Scouts is all about adventure and experience and this night hike arranged by Patch was no different.

With head-lamp and torches at the ready and enough energy rations to last beyond the required two hour duration of the hike the Scout Group all happily emerged. The weather was kind and not a drop of rain (although these Scouts don’t balk at the sight of rain – always prepared for any eventuality).

Organised in almost military style there was no way these Scouts were going to get lost extract below from the Activity Form.

“This Night Hike will commence at 1830hrs at Patonga Drive… GR 867399 on the Broken Bay Map 9130-1N 3rd Edition.
It will terminate at approx 2030hrs at Pearl Beach General Store GR 870428 on the Broken Bay Map 9130-1N 3rd Edition.”

Well done to all the Scouts who partook and our wonderful Scout Leaders!


Tie-Dyed Wonder

Cubs Tie Dyed Shirts Group Shot

Cubs enjoyed a wonderful 70’s experience of tie-dyeing to create these wonderful tie-dyed shirts and dilly bags! I’m positive it would have brought back many tie-dying memories at school for those of the older generation as it has done for me!

For those Cubs attending future camps they can proudly wear their polo shirts as part of the Broken Bay Scout Group and know that it’s a one-off wonder!

Tie Dyed Shirt Back View

A heartfelt thank you to those parents that assisted on the night Danielle, Simone, Kirsten and Amanda and leaders Akela, Baloo, Rama, Kotick and Jacala. A big thank you also to those that helped iron all these marvellous creations!

To quote Jacala “Look how creative our awesome Cubs are!

Tie Dying Dilly Bags

Jacala also sported the best load of clothes on her washing line…it seems that summer has arrived early.

Tie Dyed Shirts Drying

With all these stunning examples from Cubs I think they’ve inspired us all perhaps partake in some tie-dying magic ourselves.

Thank you to our awesome Cub Leaders!