Return Dates – Joeys, Cubs, Scouts & Venturers

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So how has everyone enjoyed the holidays? We had a busy time with State Cuboree, Corroboree, a Venturer camp and Australia Day activities but we’re all set to get right back into it next week!

Cubs return Tuesday, 7 February at 6.30 pm Umina Hall
Joeys return Wednesday, 8 February at 5.00 pm Umina Hall
Scouts return Thursday, 9 February at 7.00 pm Ettalong Hall
Keen Venturers returned Monday, 30 January at Ettalong Hall

Looking forward to another year of scouting fun! See you next week!

Your Broken Bay Leaders


YouTube/NBN News footage of Corroboree

Group Shot at Corroboree

Well didn’t Scouts have a wonderful time at Corroboree! Troop shot of which BBSG was part of above.

If you’re interested in getting a real feel for what happened at the camp with some of our Scouts featured please watch the footage taken by JNNTV – Scouts TV link below:

For NBN News footage of the event link below:

Hope you enjoyed watching these clips as much as I did!

Corroboree here we come!


The weather was 34 degrees when Scouts sallied forth at 6.30 am bound for the 2017 Scout Corroboree at Lostock (on the Paterson River near the Barrington Tops).


Accompanied by the troop mascot R2-D2, R2-D2 made sure that no Scout (male or female) would be left behind…making plenty of C-3PO jokes as the Scouts embarked the bus.


This year’s Corroboree has a movie theme and the Broken Bay Scouts as part of their Troop has a Star Wars theme (in case you haven’t already gathered). The Gateway to their camp will be an AT-AT. Some Patrol Names include: “The Jawas”, “The Tusken Raiders”, and “Storm Troopers” with even tents being named after Star Wars planets such as Naboo and Kashyyyk.

We bid the Scouts a wonderful time at Lostock whilst they engage in the traditional activities such as kayaking, swimming, as well as an overnight bivouac and hike.

Looking forward to all the stories guys upon your return!

A big “B-R-A-V-O-O-O” to our wonderful leaders that have accompanied them!


Cubs take to the water at state cuboree

State Cuboree
State Cuboree

Cubs got to enjoy an array of fun-filled activities at the 2017 NSW Cuboree themed “Myths & Legends” held over 5 days early January this year.

The water slides were an obvious hit as you can see from the images!

Cuboree-7 Cuboree-6 Cuboree-5 Cuboree-4 Cuboree-3 Cuboree-2

The Cubs also got to undertake other activities which included: abseiling, gold panning, candle making, sponge tossing, flying fox, and many others.

What a great way to see in 2017 Cubs! Thank you to all the wonderful leader and parents that accompanied them.