Our Scout Leaders


  • Associate Leaders (AL): are adult leaders that only have to undergo 1 training weekend. They are not permitted to take charge of the youth and must always have a fully qualified Leader present. ALs can help in any section of the Scouting movement. ALs are subject to the police checks that ALL Leaders are subject to.
  • Leaders: adult Leaders undergo the full basic training (3 weekend courses) and need to complete in-service training to become a full Leader. This then allows them to be either the Leader in charge of the section or the Assistant Leader in charge of the section. Generally a full Leader will attend each week and will be running the section night, as well as organising the programs and camps. They attend the district section leaders meetings.

Being a Leader

All leaders are 100% volunteers; we do not get paid for our services. They give up their time to provide activities to the youth in our local community and take the time out from their own families to attend training weekends, camps and meetings. A lot of parents volunteer when their child is in Scouts and some move on when their child leaves, but sometimes there are the parents that stay on as leaders, even after their own children have grown up and are not in scouts anymore. These leaders have a true community spirit. We appreciate that not all parents/carers are able to volunteer their time but please remember that our leaders are volunteers and are always happy to have a helping hand through parent rosters, group committee or even becoming an assistant leader or associate leader. It doesn’t matter if you only become a leader while your child is in Scouts, you will achieve and accomplish more than you could imagine and learn new skills.

All leaders are subject to a Working With Children (WWC) and criminal record police check. Once cleared you will be logged into our e-learning section of the Scouts Institute of Training. Once all your modules are complete, you will spend a residential weekend at one of our training centres. Once this and your in-service training is complete, you will be awarded a Certificate of Adult Leadership (COAL). All training is paid for by the Group.

Scouts Australia is a registered training Institute, so you can even achieve a Certificate III and IV in Leadership and Frontline Management, all free of charge. Scouts Australia also recognises prior learning.

If you are interested in becoming a leader, please speak to your section leader or your Leader in Charge for more information.

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