Cubs Cooking up a Storm!

Cubs Cooking Minestrone Soup

Cubs Cooking Minestrone Soup

About 24 Cubs enjoyed a wonderful couple of days cooking up a storm over the 2nd and 3rd April. The best news is parents got to sample these cooked treats too but more about that shortly..

Broken Bay Cubs were joined by 3 Cubs from the 1st Narara  Scout Group for this culinary activity.

Activities on the first day included:

  • Peeling and chopping vegetables for the Minestrone Soup (so much that two enormous pots had to be deployed);
  • Chopping cheese and cabanossi;
  • Making loads of yummy biscuits (I managed to try one of those – delicious!);
  • Making their own billy can and using it to boil water;
  • Pitching tents (perfect weather for it);
  • Preparing and cooking – dessert – Nutella Smores (I now know the meaning of smores – you want more of the smores)! Tortilla filled with nutella, marshmallows, and chocolate chips) wrapped in foil and cooked on a camp fire;
  • Preparing hamburger patties;
  • Napkin folding; and
  • Movie.

Parents were welcomed to a beautifully decorated Cub Hall to experience these delectable delights. Sampling:

  • Cheese, cabanossi and crackers (starters);
  • Minestrone Soup (entrée);
  • Hamburger with choice of salad (main);
  • Nicely rounded off by Nutella Smores (dessert) – leaving the parents replete and happy.

A big THANK YOU to Akela and Jacala (Broken Bay Scout Group) for making this all happen, Bagheera (1st Narara Scout Group) and all the parent helpers!

Cubs Cooking Billy Can  Cubs Cooking Billy Can Style Pitched TentsCubs Cooking Biscuits Cubs Cooking In The Kitchen




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