Scouts & NASA Association

Robotics Express Advocate

Robotics Express Advocate

Zero Robotics Express Advocate 27-01-2017.pdf

I must confess to not being aware of the association of Scouts and NASA until it was brought to my attention by Anthony (thank you!).

One of our own members of the Broken Bay Scout Group Luke Tuthill who has been engaged in Venturers and as helper to our Group has been involved in a robotics championship which involves interaction with the International Space Station. Well done Luke! For more information please read the link to the PDF file above.

Did you know that “More than two-thirds of all current and former astronauts have been involved in scouting”. Should you wish to learn more about the long history of Scouts and NASA please follow the link below. Very interesting reading and shows how adventure doesn’t have to remain on good old terra firma.



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