Be Prepared For A New Adventure – A word from our Group Leader

Murual - Be Prepared for Adventure

A word from our Group Leader…

As group leader (and former scout leader of many years) I hope that I have been able to make a contribution to the skills that the young Scouting members of our community have, because we try to teach positive values and leadership. Skills they will carry through to their adult lives.

Our young people of today live in a very fast and mixed up world, what with peer pressure and some disturbing influences of the society in which we live. We as leaders try to give the children some good direction in the ways of scouting and the good life and fun times that can be had.
My love of the outdoors extends to hiking, mountain bike riding and boating – and I enjoy sharing this passion with the children and their families.
So I welcome you and your Scout and may you enjoy the benefits this great organisation can provide to you all.
The activities that the children can become involved with are many and varied and every child has the opportunity if they wish, to expand their knowledge and stretch themselves out of their comfort zones.
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